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At the young age of twelve reading became an enjoyable past time and not a punishment. Driven by the need to produce a work that not only challenges the status quo of romantic fiction several books were born and many more to come. Travena enjoys the creative nature of building her own world and allowing whatever beautiful chaos to unfold. Travena has always been driven to the arts and is proficient in playing several instruments. She enjoys tea over coffee and looks forward to introducing you to dark, sexy characters that make you swoon and sometimes may make you shout.Travena lives in the south  with her mother and brother and is very excited to be signed to Jessica Watkins Presents. Travenas books are edgy, dark, light, and where her dreams of a consuming, uncompromising love come to ink. 

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African American Romance

Introducing Elise,

She isn't your average heroine. With an eagerness to manifest her dreams while pursuing her Master's degree, she is on the complete opposite side of Asa's spectrum when it comes to women.
Rocking her natural hair and, at times, her black-rimmed glasses, Elise is all about her writing and her "toys". With an aversion to relationships, she would prefer a simpler type of interaction.

That is, until she meets her manifestation of the unattainable black male unicorn.

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An Interracial Romance

 Matches are lit and flames are stoked as J and Charmain meet one another head on. Can they trust one another as partners and as lovers? Can they move forward into uncharted waters to experience a love that exceeds their expectations? Or will the safety of their  routines be too appealing?

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An Interracial Romance

Mae finds herself enjoying the safety of her schedule and the comfort of her dominant lifestyle, until the magnetic pull to a man who is off limits tempts her.

While admiring each other from afar, a fire within them burns a hole through the lust that has now penetrated the wearisome lives they lead. Collars, titles, pleasure and pain are only a sample of what is to come when love binds them.

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“The End”, for most writers is a path of anxiety, complete confusion and frustration—Or it is smooth and easy. Either way, I am sure that most writers can agree that, these two words, when used in the right order, make the journey worth it. Most of the time, the end is not as clear as the beginning and it takes some, “elbow grease”. In this talk we will discuss some practical ways to explore, “ending” your story and how to get started on your series.
I am so excited for this opportunity!! 
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