No one has ever affected the fierce, potent, and powerful Asa in any way, other than the terms he arranged. As a Dom, he calls the shots, makes the first move, and the odds are always in his favor. While taking an unwanted hiatus from his business, Asa realizes that he's hungry for more than what he has. "The feast" just happens to manifest itself in the form of a slim, 5'4" woman with a curiosity to a lifestyle he is an expert in.

Elise is an intellectual who molds the minds of others daily as a adjunct professor and Masters student. With dreams of becoming a full time writer, Elise wants the life she has always imagined for herself. When her past of abuse and shameful horrors threaten her future, she decides to take a break of self healing and go on vacation. The one thing she never expected was to run into one of her characters personified.

When they cross paths, thirsts are quenched, wrists are tied, fire is ignited, and secrets are revealed. As with any arrangement, trust is required. Will they both give into the future calling them, or will they stay with what they know and let each other go?


Evasive is an Interracial Romance that follows Pensive. 
This is J and Charmain's story.
Liquor, cigars and luxury are synonymous with the name Charmain wright. As the CEO of wright liquor group, Charmain is no stranger to hard work and staying ahead of the latest acquisition. She has her eye on one of the most exclusive bars in town and Even though she is successful in everything financial, Charmain finds that her efficient way of dealing with the opposite sex is becoming more troublesome than it’s worth. Wanting to avoid the inefficiency of falling in love, Charmain finds that it may not be as troublesome with someone who knows exactly how to, “negotiate.” 

As the owner of one of the most exclusive cigar bars in Chicago, J is no stranger to balancing his personal life with business. As the years have chosen by J is noticing that he no longer yearns for the exciting dichotomy of straddling the fence of being legitimate and walking on the more dangerous side of the shadows. As the nephew of one of the most notorious Italian crime families in Chicago, he finds himself burnt out and looking for peace. The last thing he expected was for “his future” to come to him . 

Matches are lit and flames are stoked as J and Charmain meet one another head on. Can they trust one another as partners and as lovers? Can they move forward into uncharted waters to experience a love that exceeds their expectations? Or will the safety of their  routines be too appealing?


Legitimate by day and illegitimate by night is no longer good enough for the future heir to the most notorious crime family in Chicago. For Don, family is everything. When he isn’t tending to the bar at his cousin’s exclusive club, or making those who have crossed his grandfather pay, he aches for the one woman he can’t have: the friend of his cousin’s wife.

Mae is no stranger to secrets and lives her life the way she sees fit. From a suit to leather, she is a woman who believes that order is everything and rules need to be obeyed. Mae finds herself enjoying the safety of her schedule and the comfort of her dominant lifestyle, until the magnetic pull to a man who is off limits tempts her.

While admiring each other from afar, a fire within them burns a hole through the lust that has now penetrated the wearisome lives they lead. Collars, titles, pleasure and pain are only a sample of what is to come when love binds them.

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